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Sun, fun and reading! The new program starts now

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May 31 – With five days to go, more than 50 young readers have registered for the 2022 Summer Reading Challenge!

This summer, explore the wonders that can be found in different books! Unlock virtual badges by logging your reading and activities using the Beanstack app, and then place the corresponding sticker in your Badge Book. Earn small prizes and virtual raffle tickets for bigger prize drawings. 15 minutes of reading a day is all it takes! Read more minutes to earn more raffle tickets!

The summer reading challenge begins June 5 and ends Aug. 5. There are 8 REQUIRED reading badges plus 8 reading BONUS badges. Activity badges correspond to some of the activities in the summer reading badge book and also include 4 writing prompts. Each reading badge represents 90 minutes of reading. The first 8 reading badges are the MINIMUM required to complete the challenge (720 minutes of reading).

Drop the virtual raffle tickets you earn in the ticket drawings on the Beanstack app after you earn them. You can put all of your raffle tickets in one drawing or spread them out among all the drawings!

Reading prizes and prizes awarded through the drawings must be picked up in person at 200 E. Washington Street, Charles Town, WV. Let’s get reading!

The Summer Slide sounds fun, is it?

No. Dozens of studies involving the academic progress of students show that while vacation is a great break for kids, their education achievement level in both reading and math drop significantly. This summer, that effect, called the Summer Slide, is enhanced because of the disruptions in the usual classroom environment for the past two years.

So what is a parent or guardian to do? Experts around the country have pointed to making sure that students have options available to them that continue the practice of learning, in any form. That’s where the Reading Challenge comes in. By continuing the practice of reading through the summer – and we mean all reading – not text books, but comics, graphic novels or any other type of material a young reader enjoys.

And with the Charles Town Library Reading Challenge, not only will the student hit the ground running when class starts again, they can qualify for all kinds of fun prizes as well. It really is a win-win situation.

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