Teen Book Club

Teen Book Club for Grades 6 & Up!

What is this program and how does it work? Who is it for?
This is a teen-led & teen-centered book club, open to anyone grades 6 & up. Each month, the teens collectively choose one book to read together. The book must be YA and one that no member has read before. Members cast their vote, with the majority vote winning. At the first meeting of the month, teens receive the new book and discuss the last one; at the second meeting, they discuss their progress through the newest book, along with any other books they are reading. Occasionally, we virtual chat with the authors whose work we’re reading.

Where and when does it meet?
The book club meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month in the Perry Room at the Charles Town Library at 5:00 pm.

To sign up, teens can email Valerie Kettner, Teen Services Coordinator, ctlreads@ctlibrary.org.

What types of books will members read?
The goal is to read a variety of genres, topics, themes, and styles: each year, at least one classic, one graphic novel, one nonfiction/memoir, and one historical novel. While the program will cater to members’ interests, it will also challenge readers and help broaden their reading selections for the future.

Please note that the Charles Town Library remains neutral and objective concerning book choices. Our library mentor does not choose the books for the club. Books are selected by the teens, in an effort to help them develop greater responsibility, leadership and teamwork abilities.

Please be aware that teen literature can sometimes contain mature content such as modern social issues, sexuality, controversial language, drugs, etc. If the book is categorized as teen, members are able to choose it for book club.

How will members obtain the chosen book each month?
The Charles Town Library will provide copies of the selected book. These are copies members may keep to build their own personal library at home. If you are in the book club but do not have permission to read the book or decide not to participate for the month, PLEASE return your copy to the library as soon as possible.

Email to sign up: ctlreads@ctlibrary.org

June 2018 Selection – The Girl from Everywhere by Heidi Heilig

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