The 1st Day of School! Yay! Right?

Jefferson County Schools is opened its doors for students on Monday, August 21. For some, it is the start of their school career, for others, it will be the first day of their last day. But for all of them, the new school year will bring a new set of challenges and goals.

A number of groups have created lists to help you get ready for day one, from what to choose for lunches, what school supplies are best for each grade and, of course, what fashions are the hottest for those Influencers in kindergarten.

We have included a few here, along with some links to other sites that may be helpful as you put your plans into place. But remember, number one on any list is to make sure your Charles Town Library Card is up to date and handy, because we will be here to help with any of your needs throughout this school year and any more to come.

Starting off, we have a nice list for kindergartners (tryingtogether.org)

  • Following rules and routines
  • Following simple one- and two-step directions
  • Writing their own name
  • Recognizing some letters (8-12) from the alphabet (upper and lower case)
  • Interacting appropriately with peers during play, both in reciprocal play activities and communication
  • Expressing and communicating wants and needs
  • Asking for help from adults and peers, when needed
  • Responding to adults and peers appropriately in conversations
  • Recognizing written numbers to 10
  • Expressing feelings appropriately to a variety of situations

101 back-to-school tips for parents and kids (care.com)

Back to School tips for a safe and healthy return (healthychildren.org)

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