Stay in touch, especially now :)

Every Friday, the Charles Town Library sends out a short newsletter entitled “3 Things.” It is a brief catch-up on what is going on at your library, here at 200 E. Washington Street. It is NOT a giant time drain that blah blah blahs about every little thing we can come up with to fill space; rather it is a simple and concise digestible group of tidbits that are good to know.

This week, we are announcing an upcoming reading challenge based on emojis for your young readers, as well as a quick notice that a great group of new books for little readers was donated to the library and we are offering them for free to anyone who would like to start their own little collection at home.

And, finally, a standing “3 Things” feature is a list of new books that have arrived during the week, or if, during the holiday season, we may determine another group of reads would be worth noting, as is the case this week. You would think Patterson, Nora Roberts or Baldacci would be dropping a couple of new books every week, but even they need a break apparently.

So, send your name and email address to ctlreads@ctlibrary.org to be included on the “3 Things” subscriber list and be one of the cool kids who knows what’s going on here at the library. 🙂

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