A small card that is a key, a ticket, and so much more

September is Library Card Month, celebrate at 200 E. Washington Street

Miss Julie begins Story Time with a song

A library card is a small rectangle of plastic like an airplane ticket is a slip of paper or a key is just a bit of uniquely shaped metal. Young and old can use it in countless ways.

Julie Smith, the Charles Town Library’s childrens coordinator, settled down with our youngest patrons Monday morning at 10:30 a.m. on our lovely orange mid-century-modern couch and faced the little ones and their big people. Surrounded by what must appear to the children as towering shelves of books, Julie sang and read stories to the group.

The youngest listened until the shapes, colors and other little faces drew them away into their own activities of exploration. Others were entranced with the tales of a mouse looking for a place to store his apple and a boy trying to retrieve his kite from a tree.

But, all of them were learning something – social skills, new words, or just how to sit in a group. It was there in the library where that little rectangle of plastic/key/ticket to those towering shelves of wonder.

September is the month someone decided to bring the message of the importance of library cards, but, it is every day that you can benefit from the free access, both in-person and online, to new ideas, facts, colors, places and everything in between at the Charles Town Library.

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