A wedding for Shiloh!

Julián at the Wedding By Jessica Love

Shiloh’s Rating: Four paws

“A wedding is a party for love” and I love this book about a wedding! And it even has a dog! Julián at the Wedding by Jessica Love is a wonderful book about a little boy named Julián and a little girl named Marisol, who attend a wedding with their abuelas (grandmothers) and have a grand ol’ time! And like I said, the brides have a dog! Her name is Gloria, which is a pretty great name (but not as good as Shiloh).

Julián and Marisol slip away from their abuelas to play -under the table, under a willow tree, and with Gloria. The illustrations are phenomenal (that means really, really great!) because they’re painted on a darker tan background, so the colors really pop! Or so I’m told, since I don’t see colors like you humans. But I still love them, and you will too!

So Julián and Marisol play and play but then -disaster! Marisol plays with Gloria and her lovely dress gets covered in mud! It’s not Gloria’s fault of course, because mud is just like that. Even I get muddy sometimes, which means it’s time for a bath. But you can’t get a bath at a wedding! So what’re they going to do?

Well, spoiler alert, Julián has an amazing idea! With a bit of help from nature and some wonderful kid-creativity, he makes a new outfit for Marisol that’s better than the last! Which means they get to dance the night away with the brides and their abuelas -and don’t forget Gloria!

I give this book four paws and a tail wag: I love the simplicity of the story and the beautiful illustrations, plus Marisol and Julián are some pretty great kids with some pretty great ideas! Check out Julián at the Wedding and Jessica Love’s other book, Julián is a Mermaid at the Charles Town Library, and don’t forget to sign up for our Back To School Blast Off Reading Challenge!

Parents: Julián at the Wedding is a great book for early readers but can also be enjoyed by younger kids because the story is told mainly through the beautiful artwork.

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