Summer Reading Challenge was a great success and launch pad to a new school year

Nearly 90,000 minutes were logged by the readers who registered for the Summer Reading Challenge. This was an admirable effort in many ways.

While the reading was enjoyable by all of the young folks, it also exercised those brain muscles that will be used when they again enter their classrooms in a few weeks.

The community benefits in many ways with an educated and enlightened population. A library of studies and reports exist that show the benefits in productivity, health and social activity to a community when education is supported and respected.

We are thankful to those businesses that provided items for the prizes to be awarded to those whose name is drawn, but also because they helped to support an effort that results in a community win for Jefferson County.

Thank you to River Riders, The Hobbies Shop, Alfredo’s Mediterranean Grill, Bushel and Peck, and Ortega’s Taco Shop, for stepping up to be part of this important effort. We are also looking for other organizations and businesses to become a part of the work this library has done in the county since the 1920s.

Please contact us if your company or organization would like more information on how to join us in future events, programs and necessary features of this historic library.

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