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Shiloh meets Doggo and Pupper and it’s a puppy party

Finally a book I can sink my teeth into, says Shiloh!

Doggo and Pupper

By Katherine Applegate
Illustrated by Charlie Alder

Shiloh’s Rating: Four paws and a tail wag!

Bowser wowser, finally another book about dogs! I can’t tell you how excited I am to see the cover of Doggo and Pupper, illustrated by the wonderfully talented Charlie Alder and written by the New York Times-Bestselling Author Katherine Applegate, with not one dog, but two!

This book is about Doggo, who lives in a great house with his people and a Cat (don’t worry, this cat seems okay) doing the same old thing. He’s a certified nap taker, mail greeter, and crumb-eater and I should know, because I know how to do all those things too. But sometimes Doggo feels a bit bored, like when you want to go outside but it’s raining, so you have to play inside instead.

Then one day the humans get an idea – and here comes Pupper! And Pupper is nothing like Doggo: he’s goofy, messy, and silly. Worst of all, Pupper doesn’t like to sleep! He likes to ask questions and hear stories, and all Doggo wants to do is sleep. It doesn’t seem like Doggo likes Pupper very much.

Then Pupper makes a mess, and the humans send him to doggie charm school! He learns all about how to listen, and to sit, stay, and come (all very important things for a dog to learn). But Pupper also stops being his silly-Pupper-self, and that’s just no good!

Don’t worry though, the book has a happy ending. Spoiler alert, Doggo misses the old Pupper, and teaches him that a good dog can follow the rules and have fun!

Overall, it’s a pretty great book, and not just because it’s about dogs. It teaches us that sometimes you have to listen to others and follow the rules, but you can also be yourself and have a dog-gone good time! Charlie Alder’s illustrations are really bright and fun and Katherine Applegate really knows how to tell a story! I’d give this book eight paws, because there’s two dogs, but I’ve only got four.

Parents: Doggo and Pupper is intended for early readers but is also a great choice for younger kids too. The illustrations are colorful and expressive and the story is easy to follow with a good message, although it’s important to note that (spoiler alert) no one (dog or otherwise) should borrow the car without a license!
Another Note for Parents: Katherine Applegate is the author of children’s book The One and Only Ivan which won the 2013 Newberry Medal and Charlie Alder is known for illustrating a number of books about animals including Daredevil Duck. Find out more about Katherine Applegate here:; and more about Charlie Alder here:

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