Where art thou?

Right here, actually. When you think about art, in its many forms, you may think of art museums or galleries, but libraries, especially the Charles Town Library, should be your first choice for an artistic adventure.

Today for example, local artists Liz Goins and Tara Bell brought in some amazing pieces of theirs and fellow artist, Laura Miller (who also helped create Miss Elsie our library giraffe), for installation in our display cases in the foyer of the library, here at 200 E. Washington Street.

Within these glass cases is a super variety of styles and media: Scherenschnitte, which means “scissor cuts” in German, to some very interesting mixed media as well as pencil drawings. All of them fit for museum displays but living for now in our library.

But, it doesn’t end there because if you take a few steps further into the library, you will find a world of books and films that will lead you deep into how-to, appreciation, and the history of the world’s great art, from architecture to painting to sculpture to photography and beyond.

We have hundreds and hundreds of art books for readers and aficionados of all ages that touch on centuries of styles, from cave paintings to manga. There are things for every art lover. So drop by and explore the colorful world of art, and be sure to take in the wonderful work of our great artist friends in the foyer. For more information about their work, visit www.lizpaperarts.com; and @TaraBellDreamCircles on Facebook.

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  1. The displays are amazing. I love visiting Libraries and Charles Town no exception👏👍❤️

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