Hoopla FAQs

Q. What content is available through hoopla?
hoopla provides thousands of movies, television shows, music, comics, and eBooks available for library patrons to stream on their mobile devices, tablets, or PC’s.

Q. How long do hoopla titles check out?
All hoopla content is available for simultaneous check out, meaning there are no waiting periods! All lending periods are set by hoopla’s content providers.
Movies – 3 days
Television programs – 3 days – You can borrow TV shows by episode, not season
Music – 7 days – You can borrow music by album, not single tracks
Comics & eBooks – 3 weeks 
Your account must be in good standing to use this service – if you have an expired account or fines that exceed $10, you will not be able to log-in.

Q. How do I check-in an item?
All titles will be turned in automatically at the end of the lending period. However, if you’d like to return an item early, just click on the Return button when looking at the item’s title information page. There is not a renewal function, but as all hoopla content is always available, you have the option to borrow the item again.

Q. Are titles downloaded onto my device or computer?
All titles are available for streaming and most are available for download, based on studio or publisher restrictions. However, titles are only available for download on supported mobile devices and tablets.iOS devices: Download using the Cloud icon in the bottom left hand corner.Android devices: Download using the Download button in the top right hand corner.Please remain logged in to hoopla to retain your downloaded content. 

Q. Do I need to be connected to the Internet to access hoopla?
Yes, to access hoopla and to stream the content over Wi-Fi, 3G and/or 4G (if it is available in your area) you must be connected to the internet.

Q. Which devices are supported by hoopla?
Check for the latest devices that can be used with hoopla

Q. Can I play hoopla content on more than one device at a time?
You can play hoopla content on several devices, but not at the same time. However, you can begin playing content on one device and pick it back up later on another device right from where you left off earlier.

Q. How many items can I check out?
Hoopla, through the Charles Town Library, allows you to check out 7 items per month.

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