Why we are here

With workers restoring the front of our building and the community restoring its daily routines, the Charles Town Library also took a step toward normalcy simply by opening its front doors.

Some of our old friends stopped by, the Bauers and a few others whose voices once again filled one of the few places where routine and creativity live side by side.

And then, later in the day, the library came alive in one of its most basic ways. Troy Nelson walked through the freshly-painted front doors with his five children. Mr. Nelson, of Ranson, is our newest card holder and explored the children’s area with Zayden, Zander, Zethan, Zyen and Zorin, each of whom brought purpose again to the stories and knowledge that has lived quietly on the shelves for months.

So, watch the faces of the children as their masks allow and remember how this one space, which has existed in Charles Town in one form or another, since 1921, has been a place where our youngest can learn, enjoy and discover.

Welcome back.

Enjoy a great opening day.

Zayden, Zander, Zethan, Zyen and Zorin, enjoy the library on the first day we have opened the doors to patrons since March.

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