Tim Time #3 – Sunshine, stories and Summer Reading

While the technical start of the season we call “Summer” doesn’t officially begin in the astronomical sense until June 21, the meteorological beginning of the season is June 1. Of course many of us felt that summer began on some of those hot days in April which were followed by freezing evenings in mid-May. Regardless, summer is here.

Summer means a lot of things to many people and conjures up a lot of images. Even for adults who are expected to go to work every day, or work in their homes as the case may be, can feel joy this time of year with the warm weather, the nights with plenty of sunshine, outdoor activities and vacations. Students of all ages think of all the above with the added bonus of no scheduled school time, no early mornings and no academic work.

Since I work for a library I have to tread carefully here. First thing I will say is: ENJOY SUMMER! Especially this year since the school year went into such a weird tailspin the last few months. Play outside. Get wet. Go bike-riding. Go walking, running, tubing, rafting, jet-skiing, fishing, rock-skipping, or just napping on the porch. That’s what summer is for. It’s supposed to be a break.

However… it’s also a time to keep your mind in shape. That’s where reading comes in. Thing is, many of you are exercising your reading muscles even when you don’t realize it. Reading this little blog counts as reading! Reading street signs, cereal boxes at breakfast, pop magazine articles, articles on your phone… it’s all reading. And the library wants to acknowledge that. Our Summer Reading Program includes teens as well as the younger children so all of our younger readers have a chance to participate. Please feel free to register online for the program and be entered for a chance to win a fabulous prize.

Just a reminder that the library is now available for porch pick up service, so feel free to put items on hold either via our website (ctlibrary.org) or give us a call at 304-725-2208. We’ve gotten a lot of new material in the last several weeks including new adult books, young adult books, and graphic novels.

I hope we all have a great summer together in Charles Town and happy reading!


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