Tim Time – No. 2: Through it all, there is Mom

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day. It’s often a day of joy, hugs, gift-giving and barbecues.

And lots of fried chicken consumption.

I know this last fact to be exceptionally true because I worked at a Kentucky Fried Chicken (before they started just calling it “KFC”) my junior year in high school and I was told it was the busiest day of the year. I made a lot of buttermilk biscuits and Original Recipe that day. Believe me, I could write pages and pages on just how awesome fried chicken is, but I’m going to go back to Mother’s Day.

This year may be different for many of us considering our celebrations may need to be smaller. No big cook-outs and no big parties with generations of relatives coming from all over to celebrate family. However, there are ways to still enjoy this Sunday and make the most of things.

Many of you may not realize that Mother’s Day was founded by a West Virginian! A woman named Anna Jarvis called for a formal celebration at her church in Grafton, WV, to honor her own mother and all mothers. Ironically, Jarvis never had children of her own.

This is some evidence that some semblance of Mother’s Day has even been practiced in ancient Rome. But the official day we celebrate started in 1908 and always lands on the second Sunday in May.

Most of you are probably a little old to be making cards of construction paper, glue, macaroni, and glitter, but if you have that stuff around the house it could make for a unique surprise! Staying home in close quarters during this pandemic may have caused some raw nerves between parents and their children, but try to remember you all love each other. You can still go outside and grill a hot dog or veggie burger or steak (or pick up some chicken), or whatever suits your fancy. You can still go for a walk together or a bike ride. The important thing is to remember these special days for what they are – special.

There are also those of you who may not currently live with your mother in the same place. Give them a call. And I mean a real phone call, not just a “happy mom’s day” text. Those moms will love hearing your voice.

Some of you may not have a traditional mother in your lives. This is an opportunity to reach out to those other people who may sometimes fill that void. Give a call or send a message to a grandmother, aunt, older sister, teacher you haven’t seen in real life since March, or even a boss you like. Maybe the “mother” in your life isn’t a woman. Sometimes fathers assume the role of both mom and dad and do the best they can. Give them a little appreciation.

Often as young adults we forget the contributions of all the people in our lives. Sometimes it feels like everyone is on our backs and pressuring us to produce…something. Truth is, and it took me a long time to realize this, most everyone you meet is in your corner hoping for your success. But even when it feels like they aren’t, or when the genuinely bad people come along who just want to make you miserable, Mom is always there whether in person or in your heart.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!

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