A Mother’s Day note from Miss Debbie

Are You My Mother?

In the children’s classic, “Are you my mother?” by P. D. Eastman, Baby Bird goes on an adventure earnestly seeking his mother.  A wide assortment of animals and even a mechanical “Snort” are put to the question- are you my mother? 

Only when he is safely back in the nest and Mama Bird swoops down with his very first meal does Baby Bird know that, indeed, this is the right fit, this is his mother. 

Unconditional love, sustenance, security, empathy, education and confidence; these are the things that children need from us.  The desire to provide these things is a hallmark of the mothering instinct that can be found and cultivated in each of us. 

So, this week, when we are purchasing or making our “Mother’s Day” cards, let us not forget all those non-traditional mothers in our lives who may be doing double duty: single fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, friends and neighbors!

Taking on extra duties in the family has been quite a necessity during the COVID 19 pandemic. I have attended several webinars during the shutdown and while many are promoting books, some have led me to useful information and encouragement for families faced with continuing the education of their children at home. 

Christina Simpson of the Global Family Research Project explains three tips that teachers want to share in her blogpost:  Engaging and Supporting Families during Distance Learning.  If you have a few minutes, you may read the post here

I will share other information about early literacy learning soon.  For today, remember to celebrate and say thank you to all the mothers & others in your life who are keeping you safe, secure & smart!

Until next time,

Miss Debbie

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