Sue’s Book Views #3

Hello again from home.

Here’s another great book I’ve had a chance to read.

Everybody loves Daphne du Maurier’s famous book Rebecca. My Cousin Rachel by du Maurier is almost as good.

Both main characters in these books are strong female characters, even though Rebecca is deceased before the events of the novel begin. Is Rachel as manipulative as Rebecca?

Philip, the first-person narrator of My Cousin Rachelis a naive and inexperienced young man. He becomes obsessed with his late uncle’s beautiful, sophisticated widow, Rachel. The main mystery of the story is whether or not Rachel returns Philip’s love.

The setting is early-nineteenth-century in Cornwall. It has a brooding, Gothic quality that I like.

I also watched the movie, the 2017 version, with Rachel Weisz as Rachel. It was (mostly) faithful to the book.

Now anxious to read more du Maurier. I put Jamaica Inn on my to read list.

Ferryside. Former home of Daphne Du Maurier. Bodinnick. Cornwall. England. UK.

Daphne du Maurier’s life was nearly as interesting as her books. A long-time resident of Cornwall – the setting of some of her stories – du Maurier has been a person whose private life was the focus of gossips and fans, both before and after her death.

One of the primary websites to learn more about du Maurier is, which is run by a bookseller but is also has in-depth information about the author and her books.

Thanks for reading,

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