June among the stacks

A Friday afternoon, a bit sleepy as the weather outside is deciding what it wants to be when it grows up. And inside, there is only the quiet tapping of computer users and whispers of pages being turned at the tables in the reading room – no shooshing needed. The children are still in school and the toddlers are napping.

In the stacks – the rows of bookshelves at the rear of the library – June is shelving, sorting and rearranging the works of thousands of authors. So many stories and she knows where most of them live. She scans the spines, reliving the stories of those she has read and frowning when one has been returned to the shelf at the wrong address.

June, in her domain

It is her domain, her comfort zone and she loves to share it with our patrons, our visitors who know that the library has been here for them through the hard times and the joyful. Yesterday, today and tomorrow (9 a.m. to 1 p.m., by the way, on Saturday).

Come by, and if June is here, say hey and thank her for making sure the books are where they belong.

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  1. Love the story of June and the stacks. Thank you for the story and for her. She ALWAYS knows where the books are. Once, I wanted a certain tome and I couldn’t find it. I asked for h er help. She couldn’t find it. A day later, she called and said “I found it!” I appreciate her good will and her “stacks skill” greatly. Thanks, June! Nedra


  2. Hey June, It’s only been a month or so, but it seems a lifetime. Miss coming to the library. Miss talking with you. I still have my books–will return them intact! You are a bright spot, I’m sure, in the lives of many. Hope you are well, and, of course, all other library staff.


  3. Hey June,
    You take a sad story and make it better. I miss talking with you among the “stacks.” You have always made me feel welcome, and I’ve always told my daughter about the nice “library lady” I get to talk with during my few excursions from the scary, curvy mountain roads. I hope you are well.


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