The greatest gifts

The stores have begun the assault. Stacks of pumpkins began sharing space with wreaths early this year as the retail machine rumbled into high holiday gear.

A place where gifts are given and received every day

But here at the library, we are lucky to receive the most wonderful gifts every day of the year.

Children tread through the doors, shyly at first, clutching a grown-up’s hand and then releases their hold to see their friends, old and new, on the shelves. They sit and smile as Miss Debbie and Mr. Tim welcome them into their colorful world, sharing the art and stories that fuel young minds. On the dreariest of days, the sun shines from the shelves and the stories.

Men and women experiencing changes in their lives come to us for answers. Through the digital windows of our computers they find new paths, resources and often, just hope. Our doors are open through the hard times and the good, the light and the dark.

And for many, a trip over our threshold brings new perspectives, new vistas to explore or simply a visit with some popular storytellers. Our favorite detectives or explorers swashing buckles are waiting here for a visit, ready to take you along for the ride. The history of the county, the stories of our people, good and bad, are also here, to teach us the lessons we need to learn.

Since folks first began gathering together, there has been a meeting place, a spot to house what is best in their society. For thousands of years, civilization has survived with the help of its libraries. In Jefferson County, the best of what we are, what we have been and what we can be has lived in this library since 1927. The building has changed a bit but what we do and what we are remains constant.

A previous edition of the Charles Town Library

Our organization, the Charles Town Library and the Jefferson County Museum, has been a wonderful gift to this county. One size does really, fit all, here at 200 East Washington Street.

Please be a partner with us to help continue with what has worked for generations. Follow the link to be part of a program that benefits the Charles Town Library when you shop at particular stores.

And thank you for the gifts you have given us over the years – your visits, your trust, your smiles and of course, your support.

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