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Shiloh and a Soggy Tale

Pudgy Paul and the Rainy Day

By Megan France

Four Paws (even though there are no dogs in the story)

Let me tell you something – humans are funny critters.

Take Pudgy Paul, for instance. He’s a little boy with a quirky fashion sense and a sense of adventure. He is the main character in Pudgy Paul and the Rainy Day, which was written by local author, Megan France.

Shiloh has quite the fashion sense himself!

So, Pudgy Paul’s mother makes him a very colorful raincoat. (I have to take the word of my friend who helps me type since I see colors differently than you folks.) Anyway, Pudgy Paul tries his hardest to convince the weather to turn from sunny to soggy until…well, you’ll have to read it yourself to find out what happens. But bow-wow, it’s a hoot! (As my owl friends say.)

The book has wonderful watercolor illustrations by our new friend Megan, who also writes the story. She has also created some really nifty items featuring Pudgy Paul in a variety of outfits. Have your big person check them out at This is Megan’s first book and is looking forward to making more Pudgy Paul adventures.

What is cool about Megan is that she is a person just like all of our youngest readers and their grown people. She lives in Jefferson County and wanted to bring her ideas to a book for little two-leggers. Sometimes when you look at all the books in your library, it is hard to imagine that real people wrote all of them. They are just regular people that like to tell stories. Maybe like you!

Now, I know what you might be thinking. I gave Pudgy Paul and the Rainy Day my highest rating, Four Paws, even though Megan did not have Pudgy Paul belong to a dog. Well, I am thinking that since this is her first book, she has plenty of time to correct her ways and write a few new books that feature a dynamic, wonderful dog.

Maybe it could be called Pudgy Paul and the Perfect Pup, or Pudgy Paul and the Powerful Poodle, or … well, you get the idea.

So keep reading and visiting your library here at the corner of Washington and Samuel streets, and if you have a book you would like me to read, send me an email at and I will put it on my list!

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