Your library is…

Bridget Brown and Diane Myers spinning yarns about wool.

With a chill wind outside bringing a new season to Charles Town, a group of people gathered Thursday night at 200 E. Washington Street – your library – to experience art in a building full of books.

Local artisans Bridget Brown and Diane Myers brought spinning wheels and other accoutrements related to the creation of wool art and clothing. They and their dozen guests gathered in the Perry Room, a peaceful space filled with a wonderful collection of books that document our local and regional history.

Bridget and Diane brought knowledge and enlightenment to the group, not through books but with their own experiences and talents. The attendees stood close as the pair explained the process and the tools used to transform the wool.

For two hours the group experienced the core of what this building is and can be to the community. It is a place to discover, learn and enjoy those things that enrich a person’s day to day existence. Of course you can watch a YouTube video on how to spin wool but on Thursday night, Bridget sat on the floor and spun the wheel for a member of the group learning how to hold the wool as it was pulled into the mechanism. A little difficult to do with YouTube.

Your library is a personal place and it is a little different for everyone.

 Yes, it holds new and older books filled with memories, adventure and knowledge. Yes, there are many selections of movies and music, and yes, computers are available as well. But it is a unique place, a place to be used. People use the computers to find jobs, children arrive several times a week to visit Miss Debbie as she brings books alive in Story Time, and teachers meet with students needing support in their studies.

The Charles Town Library is home to a variety of services included books, multimedia and a venue for great events.

And of course, people like Bridget and Diane bring their skills and stories to the Charles Town Library, to share to the excited little girl spinning for the first time, as well to others, honing their own talents.

Just another day in your library.

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