Books and Barks

Shiloh’s First “Books and Barks” Recommendation

See Me Play
By Paul Meisel

A Review by Shiloh the Charles Town Library Dog

Four paws!

First, I have to say that any book with four dogs on the cover is going to get a good rating from me. There is a lion and a bird in the picture as well but I guess the author has to throw a bone to other animals from time to time. Woof.

Count the dogs!

So, this story is about a cool dog thing. Chasing stuff.

The book follows a group of my furry cousins as they chase a ball thrown by their human. Isn’t that YOUR favorite thing? Chasing things? Right, me too! But, while running after a ball is fun, other things, like, oh I don’t know, chasing speedy four-footed things named Fluffy or Princess might be a hoot as well. That’s probably not real nice but, uh, dog, ok?

Back to the book. Mr. Meisel does a nice job as usual with the pretty dog art and it is a funny story. The other animals look good, too. Whatever.

If you’d like to read something to your dog or have someone read a book to you about a dog, then See Me Play is a great choice.

Have a wonderful dog day!


Note for parents: See Me Play is a great book for guided reading and explanation. There is minimal text but includes numerous items in the illustrations that will expand the story as you point them out to your young reader.

See Me Play is published by Holiday House as part of their I Like To Read series. Their website includes additional activities related to this book and reading in general.

Holiday House – I Like to Read Series of Books Website

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