Treasures of the Perry Room

The Perry Room is our local history room.  This is the first in a series of articles highlighting some of the treasures found there.

Featured Author: Julia Davis

Julia Davis, born in Clarksburg, West Virginia in 1901, was educated at Wellesley College and graduated from Barnard College in 1922.  She was the daughter of John W. Davis and Julia McDonald. Julia’s father of Clarksburg, came to Charles Town, to Media, the McDonald’s family home to tutor the McDonald children. Julia was eighteen and young Davis immediately knew that “Miss Julia is the one.” Seven years later, the two married and ten months later, Julia gave birth to Julia. Julia’s mother died shortly after giving birth and thus began Julia’s story of her divided life between Charles Town and Clarksburg which she explores in her memoir, Legacy of Love: A Memoir of Two American Families.

Ms. Davis, spent a year in London when her father was the U.S. Ambassador to Britain. She published reminiscences of that year in a book entitled Embassy Girls, completed in her 91st year.

The author of two dozen books, primarily novels, she began her career as a reporter for The Associated Press in New York City. She also headed the adoption service of the Children’s Aid Society in the early 1960’s. Her play, The Anvil, is a recreation of the John Brown trial, which played off-Broadway in 1962, and is produced now and again in Charles Town at the Courthouse.
Julia Davis died in 1993 at the age of 92 at the then Jefferson Memorial Hospital in Ranson.

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