Book Club: February 2017


Join us for Book Club in February! 

We are reading Storming Heaven by Denise Giardina.

Description from Publishers’ Weekly: “Four strong, entirely different voices evoke the passion and the pain of unionizing the coal mines of Kentucky and West Virginia in the early 20th century. The canvas is broad, the action complex but even minor characters quicken to life in this memorable, beautifully written novel.

The inhabitants of the hills of Appalachia see their beloved land stolen by the coal companies; forced to work in the mines, they are cheated out of their pay. Families starve, die of malaria and dysentery and slowly, almost against their will, begin the fearsome job of fighting back. In 1921, an army of 10,000 workers marches on a single town. The coal companies, the police and finally the federal government close in; hundreds are killed and the man who masterminded the attack is shot.

As fast paced and compulsively readable as a thriller, this novel never overlooks the gentler pleasure of living on the land, falling in love, raising a family. Stunning sensory images sear scenes on the mind’s eye. Giardina has written one of those rare books that portrays a small world with impeccable clarity while telling an exciting story in vigorous, elegant prose.”

Please provide your own copy. If you would prefer, you can order and purchase a copy through us.

Book Club will meet on February 21st at 3:30 p.m. in the Perry Room to discuss Chevalier’s novel.

Questions? Email Susan Stocks at or call 304.725.2208

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