Teen Book Club Updates

We are excited to announce our new program for teens: Mischief Managed, CTL’s first teen book club.

Join our facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CTLmischiefmanaged/

Or email to sign up: ctlreads@frontier.com

What is this program and how does it work? Who is it for?
This is a teen-centered book club, open to anyone grades 6-9. Each month, the club’s library mentor will create a list of potential books for the group to choose from. Members will then cast their vote, with the majority vote winning. Members are also encouraged to suggest their own ideas for books. This is an interactive book club, and we want each member to have equal contribution!

Where and when does it meet?
Mischief Managed meets at 4:00 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month in the Perry Room at the Charles Town Library.

To sign up, students can join the Library’s FB group page (Mischief Managed – Teen Book Club) and/or email youth & outreach coordinator Kristyn at: ctlreads@frontier.com. Teens can join at any time during the month! Between meetings, members will continue to interact and share their thoughts online by tagging their posts/photos with #CTLmischiefmanaged.

What types of books do members read?
The goal is to read a variety of genres, topics, themes and styles: each year, at least one classic, one graphic novel, one nonfiction/memoir, and one historical novel. While the program will cater to members’ interests, it will also challenge readers and help broaden their reading selections for the future.

How will students obtain the chosen book each month?
Presently, the Charles Town Library will provide copies of the selected book.

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